Writing That Scene

Writing That Scene is designed to give writers a quick, free reader-reaction on almost any scene from their novel or work-in-progress, running it past real readers who will give positive, constructive criticism about what works and what doesn’t while pointing out things the writer might want to consider.

Using  the format of a non-traditional critique, WtS examines the fundamentals of what it takes to capably convey a scene to one’s readers. The opinion expressed is my own, and other readers’ opinions may and will differ.

In addition to the work of contemporary authors , I also examine the work of authors from the past whose works are now public domain, examining what they did well and where they could’ve improved (done as though they were still with us, writing for a contemporary audience). Since I believe good writing is powerful, regardless of the time period, discovering the tricks and methods of the masters, whose work became classics, can be just as helpful as contemplating what works today, for modern authors.

To submit your own scene, click here.

List of Writing that Scene Posts

Oliver Twist


Little Women


Can You Forgive Her?


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


A Christmas Carol


Thank you, and enjoy!

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