4 Ideas for Literary Christmas Gifts

It's the holiday season, and while some of you might be done with your Christmas shopping already, chances are, most of us still have a few items to get people. So here are four literary gift ideas I've come across over the years—great gifts for you to ask for or to get for the other … Continue reading 4 Ideas for Literary Christmas Gifts

A Writer’s Source of Ideas

For "I," I wanted to write about ideas. Some writers have no trouble coming up with ideas. Others have a few thoughts of what they'd like to write about--a particular character or genre, perhaps--but need help coming up with the rest of the story. The plot, the description, the "meat" that makes the story long … Continue reading A Writer’s Source of Ideas

Music: Inspiration to Write

As part of a team of Beta readers, I was reading through Ryan Lanz's most recent work, in which he discusses where story ideas come from, and it got me thinking about the inspirations for my story ideas. Most of them, like my short story "But Kisses Never Hurt Me," are towers of "What if's," … Continue reading Music: Inspiration to Write