5 Things Your Readers Need From You

When you're first starting a story, there's a lot to think about—your characters, plot, and world-building, to say nothing of critical questions like what to name your character's pet dog. But there are five things you need to include in the opening scenes of your book to help your readers. Characters. This may sound obvious, but … Continue reading 5 Things Your Readers Need From You

Dealing with Other People’s Creativity #amwriting

One of my friends has been trying to explain the ways, methods, and attraction of Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop role playing games (RPGs). We've discussed how the game master gets to control certain aspects of the story, and yet the actual plot is left to chance (the dice) and the input and decisions … Continue reading Dealing with Other People’s Creativity #amwriting

Zigzag Narratives #atozchallenge #writing

For the very last post of the A-Z challenge, I wanted to write about narration. As authors, we have a number of options where narration is concerned, but the most common are omniscient narration, where an all-knowing narrator tells the story and can thus include the perspectives and feelings of a number of characters, or … Continue reading Zigzag Narratives #atozchallenge #writing

The Difference between Stories and Novels

Humans are born storytellers. Shortly after learning to string sentences together, we start sharing them: “Mommy, I did this…” or “Daddy, I did that….” We are eager to hear about others experiences, supposedly to learn from them and avoid their mistakes, and we like basking in the glory that our own stories give us (after … Continue reading The Difference between Stories and Novels