Featured on “A Writer’s Path”

My post about using an omniscient narrator versus third person close narration is featured as the guest post of the day on "A Writer's Path." Please wander over there and enjoy all the writing tools Ryan has available. Personally, my favorite is Under the Microscope, where he looks at the first chapters of writer's works-in-progress … Continue reading Featured on “A Writer’s Path”

The Gift of Doubt

Recently, I participated in Ryan Lanz’s Under the Microscope project, where I submitted the first few hundred words of a novel and received feedback on the particular scene. I’d done this before, and it really helped me rethink some of the possibilities, so I was eager to undergo the experience again. You can find the … Continue reading The Gift of Doubt

Reactions to being Under the Microscope

Writing a novel is a journey. Bring along friends. I try to look for opportunities to share my writing with others. Writing can be lonely work, and if it’s just you and the computer screen, you can easily forget how an uninformed reader will respond to what you’ve written. This is partly why I blog, … Continue reading Reactions to being Under the Microscope

With Open Eyes

For: Ten Quote Tuesday #17 Start out a scene with this phrase, “I refuse to close my eyes anymore.” I ended up using it at the end, and it turned more into poetry than prose. Thanks go to Ryan Lanz and A Writer's Path for the inspiration!   The world is darker than my imagination. … Continue reading With Open Eyes

Scene Building: Beyond Beginnings

This week, I was delighted to come across Ryan Lanz’s new project, Under the Microscope, in which he gives feedback on the opening paragraphs of writers’ works-in-progress. They submit the first three hundred and fifty words or so, and he offers them free advice in an open forum where the readers get to learn along … Continue reading Scene Building: Beyond Beginnings