Query Letters #atozchallenge #writer

We can't go into "cute dog" mode to get people to like our novel. We can't just cock our head and cast a pleading, expressive glance at the people involved--whether to solicit an agent or a book reviewer. So what do we do? We write query letters...which may be one of the unavoidable, least fun … Continue reading Query Letters #atozchallenge #writer

The Difference between Queries and Blurbs?

Having recently stumbled upon two excellent blogs—Kyra Nelson’s, in which we get to read queries with comments from an intern who works for an agency, and Kristen Nelson’s, where a “very nice literary agent” politely rants about “Queries, Writers, and the Publishing Industry,” I started wondering: is there a difference between the description of a … Continue reading The Difference between Queries and Blurbs?