A to Z 2017: Bouncing Points-of-View

My A-Z Blogging theme is to cover 26 touch-me-not categories of fiction writing. These are frequently the trouble spots which can be useful components of the story if handled properly, but when rushed through, can cause all kinds of trouble. While the genre is fantasy, the tips can apply to anything, from romance to literary … Continue reading A to Z 2017: Bouncing Points-of-View

Zigzag Narratives #atozchallenge #writing

For the very last post of the A-Z challenge, I wanted to write about narration. As authors, we have a number of options where narration is concerned, but the most common are omniscient narration, where an all-knowing narrator tells the story and can thus include the perspectives and feelings of a number of characters, or … Continue reading Zigzag Narratives #atozchallenge #writing

What’s become of First Person Narration?

Yesterday, a new version of Fifty Shades of Grey was released, this one from the perspective of Christian instead of Ana. Apparently, fans of the series had long been clamoring for such a version, wanting to see the events from his point of view rather than hers (or, having seen hers, they wanted his to … Continue reading What’s become of First Person Narration?

First Chapter Challenges

When reading Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book (which I reviewed here), I almost didn’t make it past the first chapter. Not because the writing was bad, or the hook uncompelling, but for a variety of other reasons. I wanted to examine what almost made me close the book, because if they could get past all … Continue reading First Chapter Challenges