Beauty and Ugliness

Ugliness The slime we smear across features Different than our own. Denying beauty In the face Of truth and varying tastes. Proclaiming permanence On changeable humanity. We say beauty Is skin deep But it is always there To be discovered In the unlikeliest of candidates Despite wrinkles Tears and cares Despite age Shape and size Despite … Continue reading Beauty and Ugliness

Calling all bloggers, within the sound of my voice…er, reach of my words?

I've been busy working on revising and rewriting the first few novels in my science-fiction/fantasy series, and while it's been going very well, I've been feeling a bit disconnected lately from you, my readers and fellow bloggers. So I propose a blogging potluck. Everyone brings a dish to share (in this case, a link of … Continue reading Calling all bloggers, within the sound of my voice…er, reach of my words?

Black Lives…We Need You

In the aftermath There is silence More tears than words. What can I say? What do I know?   Never should this be Never again Never And yet it repeats Another city Another death. Murder dresses as self-defense And though we mourn And press all the right buttons, Like all the right pages, Do we … Continue reading Black Lives…We Need You

The Courtyard

Out in the stone courtyard Waiting You're right there on the other side Your world beyond you Hidden in sun and shade and the whisper of a thousand plants. What would I find If I were there Closer Accepted Even invited? Have weeds overrun your garden? Or is all beautiful Tranquil As alive as ever? … Continue reading The Courtyard

Where Does Today Find You?

Waking up to a world of delight? Or caught in ditches of sorrows? Do you look to the future with hopeful eyes Or gaze at endless tomorrows? Edging close to where the ground ends, The place where we take to our wings? Or shuffling along, in deepening gloom, As a heavenly chorus sings? Wherever light … Continue reading Where Does Today Find You?

Playing Games

Beware of sidewalks Most especially the cracks Be wary of strangers And don't cross the tracks   And so we play with shadows Fractions of a heart Playing games with secrets Until we break apart.   Could things be different If we turned grown? Instead of splintered fragments, Fully loved and fully known?   Copyright … Continue reading Playing Games

Spotlight Saturday #18: Must You Write Poetry or Prose?

I try to give my end-of-week post to other authors and bloggers whose work is worth noting. There are so many excellent articles out there, so many good poems and stories and artwork that I want to use my online space, once a week, to share something you might otherwise miss. To see last week’s … Continue reading Spotlight Saturday #18: Must You Write Poetry or Prose?