What Do You Hope to Do This Year?

I'm not sure new year resolutions are the best option, but starting another "journey 'round the sun" is a great time to think about what you did last year and what you'd like to accomplish this year. For me, it's been far too long since I've posted, so that's one of my goals this year—blogging … Continue reading What Do You Hope to Do This Year?

Where Does Today Find You?

Waking up to a world of delight? Or caught in ditches of sorrows? Do you look to the future with hopeful eyes Or gaze at endless tomorrows? Edging close to where the ground ends, The place where we take to our wings? Or shuffling along, in deepening gloom, As a heavenly chorus sings? Wherever light … Continue reading Where Does Today Find You?

Goals for the New Year

I have no particular resolutions and no fixed reading lists, but here are some of my goals for the new year. In addition to becoming a better person (less complaining and more encouraging of others, especially in their writing endeavors), I want to... Read More Books On Writing—My local library has some more that I’m … Continue reading Goals for the New Year


Replacing calendars and turning pages, We reflect On life, As we are and as we could be. Looking back, Looking forward. We think of all that happened Good Bad And boring. And we hope for a better future. We tell ourselves this year, we’ll change things. This year will make a difference. When the greatest … Continue reading Mirror

The Year 2014, in Review

Looking back is a particularly delightful task when one has a blog. There are always post to be paraded in neat columns of hyperlinks, directing the curious back to the long-forgotten articles from half a year ago. And it makes one’s life seem so full of purpose, so productive, so excellent and commendable in every … Continue reading The Year 2014, in Review

Thank You, Good and Gentle Readers

This past year, particularly the eight months I’ve been part of the blogging community, have been a delightful experience. I’ve been honored to share your worlds, reading your comments and having you read and like my writing. I start this blog, hoping others would enjoy what I think about books, writing, and life, and you … Continue reading Thank You, Good and Gentle Readers