Special Opportunity for All My Readers…

For all of you who have published a book and are looking to reach new readers, I'm pleased to announce a special opportunity. Ryan Lanz over at "A Writer's Path" has teamed up with me to offer an extra 2 bonus weeks on all 90 day advertisements for his three websites: "A Writer's Path," "All … Continue reading Special Opportunity for All My Readers…

To all my readers…

Most of the year, I'm so busy writing about the mechanics of writing, reading, and publishing that I don't always take enough time to appreciate you, my readers. So this November, in the month of thanks, I want to begin by saying how much I appreciate every view, every visit, and every comment. Knowing I'm … Continue reading To all my readers…

Unplugging: A Source of Inspiration or Loneliness?

So last week, we had a windstorm that knocked out my internet (hence my distinct non-presence on the world-wide-web). And, at first, it was hard to get used to it. I couldn't use a dictionary app to check things anymore. I couldn't go online to verify this fact or that. I couldn't touch WordPress or … Continue reading Unplugging: A Source of Inspiration or Loneliness?

Calling all bloggers, within the sound of my voice…er, reach of my words?

I've been busy working on revising and rewriting the first few novels in my science-fiction/fantasy series, and while it's been going very well, I've been feeling a bit disconnected lately from you, my readers and fellow bloggers. So I propose a blogging potluck. Everyone brings a dish to share (in this case, a link of … Continue reading Calling all bloggers, within the sound of my voice…er, reach of my words?

Regarding the #atozchallenge #blogging

This was my first year participating in the A to Z challenge. I didn't write any of my posts ahead of time (as I usually write my posts the day I post.) I find it is generally confusing to me to have written a blog post and not released it to the world, as I … Continue reading Regarding the #atozchallenge #blogging

Networking–Real or Fake? #atozchallenge #networking

  One of the best things about the A to Z blogging challenge is all the networking that takes place--the visiting of other blogs, the comments, the new thoughts being exchanged. In my experience with blogging, there are two kinds of networking: Fake and Real. Superficial or Genuine. Superficial Networking: This is where we stop by … Continue reading Networking–Real or Fake? #atozchallenge #networking

Why You Should Blog #atozchallenge #amwriting

I'm not going to say that blogging can make you famous, give you a new career, or change your life (though it probably can...at least theoretically?). But, having blogged fairly steadily for the last two years, I know that it can change how you write. Suddenly, you can use the hashtag #amwriting all the time, … Continue reading Why You Should Blog #atozchallenge #amwriting

Balancing Tasks: Writing vs. Blogging

There is only so much time in a day, and frequently, it comes down to this question: Do I write or blog? And it isn't so simple a question. On the one hand, should I further my craft and my novel by devoting what free time I have to its success, or should I spend … Continue reading Balancing Tasks: Writing vs. Blogging