Book Review: Long Road Out of Ur

Title: Long Road Out of Ur Author: Joel Thimell Genre: Adventure, Mystery, Historical Description per Goodreads: Something is rotten in Mesopotamia. A troublesome priest has been murdered; the pagan New Year's rites defiled; a royal tomb is robbed; and a would-be grifter, Lot, is in the wrong place at the wrong time. His father, grandfather and … Continue reading Book Review: Long Road Out of Ur

Book Review: Turquoiseblood

  Description from Author: When the dangerous rogue dragon Anya crash lands in an isolated mountain village during a snowstorm, Kiri saves her life. Anya awakens seemingly cured of her madness and in thanks offers to show Kiri the country outside her village. Kiri seizes the opportunity.  At the royal court, Kiri learns that the … Continue reading Book Review: Turquoiseblood