Book Review: Long Road Out of Ur

Title: Long Road Out of Ur Author: Joel Thimell Genre: Adventure, Mystery, Historical Description per Goodreads:¬†Something is rotten in Mesopotamia. A troublesome priest has been murdered; the pagan New Year's rites defiled; a royal tomb is robbed; and a would-be grifter, Lot, is in the wrong place at the wrong time. His father, grandfather and … Continue reading Book Review: Long Road Out of Ur

Book Review: Turquoiseblood

  Description from Author: When the dangerous rogue dragon Anya crash lands in an isolated mountain village during a snowstorm, Kiri saves her life. Anya awakens seemingly cured of her madness and in thanks offers to show Kiri the country outside her village. Kiri seizes the opportunity. ¬†At the royal court, Kiri learns that the … Continue reading Book Review: Turquoiseblood