Character Actions: Should There Be a Reason Why?

Characters do all kinds of things in fiction. Their actions make up the stories we write, and if they did'd be pretty boring. But how much motivation should there be in what they do? Do you, as the author, need to always know why they're doing it, or can they just "do something for … Continue reading Character Actions: Should There Be a Reason Why?

Eight Reasons to Write a Novel

I’ve realized that, just as we can’t judge a book by it’s cover—though we typically do take that greatly into consideration before touching it—we also can’t hold all novels to the same set of standards. What motivates one author to write may mean nothing to someone else, just as there are all kinds of readers … Continue reading Eight Reasons to Write a Novel

What Drives Your Story?

The other day, a writer-friend of mine and I were discussing novels, and he was arguing that my sci-fi/fantasy series, unlike many of the books in those genres, is character-driven rather than plot-driven. Character-driven books are typically those with a lot of dialogue. The characters’ choices are central to the story—in fact, there would be … Continue reading What Drives Your Story?