Unplugging: A Source of Inspiration or Loneliness?

So last week, we had a windstorm that knocked out my internet (hence my distinct non-presence on the world-wide-web). And, at first, it was hard to get used to it. I couldn't use a dictionary app to check things anymore. I couldn't go online to verify this fact or that. I couldn't touch WordPress or … Continue reading Unplugging: A Source of Inspiration or Loneliness?

The Courtyard

Out in the stone courtyard Waiting You're right there on the other side Your world beyond you Hidden in sun and shade and the whisper of a thousand plants. What would I find If I were there Closer Accepted Even invited? Have weeds overrun your garden? Or is all beautiful Tranquil As alive as ever? … Continue reading The Courtyard

Playing Games

Beware of sidewalks Most especially the cracks Be wary of strangers And don't cross the tracks   And so we play with shadows Fractions of a heart Playing games with secrets Until we break apart.   Could things be different If we turned grown? Instead of splintered fragments, Fully loved and fully known?   Copyright … Continue reading Playing Games

This Time

I've had this fragmentary story idea running around my head for some time so I thought I'd write it and share it with all of you. He sat across the campfire and watched as its coarse, uneven light touched her. It swept along that soft cheek, that proud chin he knew so well, even as … Continue reading This Time