The Power of Analogy

When writing a book, but particularly when writing fantasy, authors seem to run into the problem of too much details. They describe the life out of a scene, creating paragraphs of concrete details about what a place sounds like, smells like, tastes like, until the plot is put to one side and we are invited … Continue reading The Power of Analogy

What PG-13 Means in Books

When I was little, I used to interpret the movie rating systems as follows: G--Good PG--Pretty Good PG-13--Pretty good for Thirteen-Year-Olds R--Rotten And I still don't care for R-rated films. Most of what I watch falls under PG-13 criteria (or well under), and most of what I read follows suit. I just don't care for … Continue reading What PG-13 Means in Books

All the Words of Profanity

The words are common. Coarse. They’re whatever we want them to be, meaningless modifiers without clarify. They add nothing but shock, something to say when we have nothing else. Are our heads so empty that we cannot find le mot juste anymore? The words are large, swallowing up our sentences and demeaning the hearers. What … Continue reading All the Words of Profanity