To all my readers…

Most of the year, I'm so busy writing about the mechanics of writing, reading, and publishing that I don't always take enough time to appreciate you, my readers. So this November, in the month of thanks, I want to begin by saying how much I appreciate every view, every visit, and every comment. Knowing I'm … Continue reading To all my readers…

Why Writers Should be Supremely Grateful #atozchallenge #writer

Recently, an article by Katherine Bolger Hyde got me thinking: Writers should be the most grateful people in the world. Not necessarily the happiest (we're too sensitive for that). And not the richest (though it would be nice to be that, too) But we should definitely be the most grateful. Because we get to hang out … Continue reading Why Writers Should be Supremely Grateful #atozchallenge #writer

New Ventures

To My Dear, Wonderful Followers, I've been away for a while; I know. I'm trying to keep up with all of you, and write some, but it's hard to do when WordPress and my phone don't like each other. 🙂 Thank you for remembering that I'm out here, and stopping by, even when I don't … Continue reading New Ventures

I need a better camera

Dedicated to all my followers. You are amazing! Thank you so much, and enjoy:   I need a better camera To capture you. The way you move. The way you breathe. And how you turn about, sparking hope and inspiration in every glance.   I need to slow down time So I can sit and … Continue reading I need a better camera

One Year of Blogging

Today marks one year of being part of the bloggosphere! Thank you so much to all my followers, to everyone who has read or commented or been featured on this blog. I greatly appreciate each and every one of you, and I try to visit your blogs and keep up on your own writings, artworks, … Continue reading One Year of Blogging

Thank You, Good and Gentle Readers

This past year, particularly the eight months I’ve been part of the blogging community, have been a delightful experience. I’ve been honored to share your worlds, reading your comments and having you read and like my writing. I start this blog, hoping others would enjoy what I think about books, writing, and life, and you … Continue reading Thank You, Good and Gentle Readers

A Write Full Year

This time of the year, when most families in America gather to express how grateful they are for the many blessings in their lives, (even if such gratitude only displays itself in exuberant application to the manifold foods at hand) I wanted to take the time to post about how grateful I am for such … Continue reading A Write Full Year

Is There Such a Thing as Blogging Etiquette?

Is There Such a Thing as Blogging Etiquette? I admit, I am fairly new to the blogosphere (having only had my blog up for two and a half months). That being said, I’ve come across a lot of different standards of etiquette in blogging. There seem to be general rules of etiquette in place—the behavior … Continue reading Is There Such a Thing as Blogging Etiquette?