Does Merlin Get the Last Word?

It took me a few go-rounds to get through That Hideous Strength, the last of C. S. Lewis’ space trilogy. The beginning was so mundane and the character of Jane Studdock so depressed that I found it hard to care enough to keep reading. Then, the ideas behind the novel are, I think, more interesting … Continue reading Does Merlin Get the Last Word?


He places the solitary In families. But what if the solitary refuse? Children born into danger In lands where tyranny and death Reign. And we ask why this happens When God knows Trouble will come? When hurt, and harm, and death Are the only legacy their homes can give them.   What if it was … Continue reading Why

Where Milton’s Paradise got Lost

Having read most of the great classic epics—the Iliad, the Odyssey, and the Aeneid—I’ve been wanting to read Paradise Lost for some time. I read C. S. Lewis’ introduction, which I greatly enjoyed, and it piqued my curiosity to finally sit down and read the poem. I was prepared for formal speeches and the ritual … Continue reading Where Milton’s Paradise got Lost

Frozen to the Core

The other day, I took some frozen strawberries out of my freezer—lush, red heart-shaped orbs crystallized in ice for their protection—and I washed them in warm water to help them thaw. After I placed them in a bowl, they started changing any lingering water on their surfaces into ice. They were so accustomed to their … Continue reading Frozen to the Core