Archetypes and Variation Fiction

In writing, there is generally a push to be original, as there is with most art. To do something new, exciting, and fresh. To break out of the old molds and create a masterpiece. But I think most of us write a more "collective" version of fiction, where we share a theme, an archetype, a trope, or … Continue reading Archetypes and Variation Fiction

Writing a Novel for the Senses

I recently discovered a whole new (to me, at least) kind of fiction, where you don't have to focus on the story. You don't have to figure out your main question and answer it. You don't even have to wrap up all the loose threads for it to be complete. This is the sensational novel. In … Continue reading Writing a Novel for the Senses

And Always Let Your Passion Be Your Guide #amwriting

I'm not talking about following your passions in each and every life decisions. If you follow your feelings in what you do each day, your life will turn into a mess and you'll never get any work done. But, in writing, following your passion can help you discover what you really like writing about. Because just … Continue reading And Always Let Your Passion Be Your Guide #amwriting

Your Novel’s “Big Question”

I think the biggest thing that makes readers keep reading is.... Mystery. No, it doesn't mean you have to write a "who-done-it," but the best novels start out with a "Big Question" that the rest of the novel must answer. Here are a few examples: Pride and Prejudice: Can Elizabeth Bennet and her sisters make "good … Continue reading Your Novel’s “Big Question”