Character Actions: Should There Be a Reason Why?

Characters do all kinds of things in fiction. Their actions make up the stories we write, and if they did'd be pretty boring. But how much motivation should there be in what they do? Do you, as the author, need to always know why they're doing it, or can they just "do something for … Continue reading Character Actions: Should There Be a Reason Why?

Under the Microscope is Back at A Writer’s Path

If you ever wanted a free critique to a beginning of one of your stories--if something is nagging you and you want a second pair of eyes, or if you just wanted to flex your writing muscles and help out another writer--then you'll be happy to know that the Under the Microscope feature on A … Continue reading Under the Microscope is Back at A Writer’s Path

This Time

I've had this fragmentary story idea running around my head for some time so I thought I'd write it and share it with all of you. He sat across the campfire and watched as its coarse, uneven light touched her. It swept along that soft cheek, that proud chin he knew so well, even as … Continue reading This Time

New Ventures

To My Dear, Wonderful Followers, I've been away for a while; I know. I'm trying to keep up with all of you, and write some, but it's hard to do when WordPress and my phone don't like each other. 🙂 Thank you for remembering that I'm out here, and stopping by, even when I don't … Continue reading New Ventures

Her Lodestar

Others were around, In and out of her life, Yet her point never wavered, Her arrow never budged. And then he came And suddenly she's all alive, eyes shining. She drops everything for him: Her handkerchief, Her gloves, Her fan. Activities are forgotten, Dreams overlooked, Pursuits abandoned. Now a word, a look Will be enough. … Continue reading Her Lodestar