The “Pretty Things” of Life

I wanted to share one of my favorite posts about Christianity. So often, Christians seem to be either trying to keep people from having anything nice, or they're greedy, trying to get as much as they can from everyone around them. This post talks about balancing your focus and how, scripturally, God never intended us … Continue reading The “Pretty Things” of Life

Xag and Xau: What Matters to Your Characters? #atozchallenge #amwriting

Though toying with writing about "the grand X-it" today, I've decided to forgo puns and word-cheats and use actual X words. XAG and XAU are the financial abbreviations for ounces of silver and gold, and Googling either of them will bring up how much those metals are currently valued on the stock market/gold and silver … Continue reading Xag and Xau: What Matters to Your Characters? #atozchallenge #amwriting