Cinderella’s Stepsisters: Ugly or Mislabeled?

I've been thinking about characters and their appearances in preparation for the "Characters in Costume" blogfest for the end of October, and I've also been reading some of the classic Disney stories to my two sons. As a result, I've been thinking about the way Cinderella's stepsisters come across in the books and film. Anastasia … Continue reading Cinderella’s Stepsisters: Ugly or Mislabeled?

Forgotten Truths about Corsets

Recently, I took the plunge and bought a corset: a real, spiral steel boned corset, just like the Victorians wore, having been inspired by the fascinating journey in corsetry by Sarah Chrisman of This Victorian Life. And, for those who are curious, I was not raised in a conservative culture where skirts and dresses were … Continue reading Forgotten Truths about Corsets