Book Review – The Faraway North

The Faraway North translated and introduced by Ian Cumpstey Genre: Norse Myths, Folk Ballads, Classics, Epic Tales Summary from Goodreads: These ballads convey a fantastic vision of the world as it was imagined in medieval Scandinavia, with monsters and magic intermingled with very human concerns of heroism, tragedy, love, and revenge.  The great hero Sigurd is joined … Continue reading Book Review – The Faraway North

Where Milton’s Paradise got Lost

Having read most of the great classic epics—the Iliad, the Odyssey, and the Aeneid—I’ve been wanting to read Paradise Lost for some time. I read C. S. Lewis’ introduction, which I greatly enjoyed, and it piqued my curiosity to finally sit down and read the poem. I was prepared for formal speeches and the ritual … Continue reading Where Milton’s Paradise got Lost