Developing a Novel as a Christian

This isn't a guide to writing typical "Christian fiction," but an exploration of how one writes fiction as a Christian. After writing my last post about "What Makes a Christian Author 'Christian'?," I realized there was still some unanswered questions. What does fiction written by Christians look like? How is it different from fiction by … Continue reading Developing a Novel as a Christian

Making a Novel #atozchallenge #amwriting

I was going to write about novels under "N," but I also wanted to cover "Networking," so I'm going to talk about the novel under "Making a Novel." The novel, as we know it now, has been evolving for centuries and will likely continue to do so. It began in such forms as Tom Jones and Pamela, in … Continue reading Making a Novel #atozchallenge #amwriting

What All Writers Should Read #atozchallenge #amreading

I want to talk about "Education" today for the "E" of the A to Z challenge. Personally, while I learned a lot about writing from studying it academically, I've learned even more from reading. And we hear that writers need to read over and over again. If you want to write fiction, you need to … Continue reading What All Writers Should Read #atozchallenge #amreading

New Adventures in Blogging

During the past few weeks, I've been contacted by other writers and asked to write book reviews on their novels. I've done book reviews for some time now on books I found through Goodreads and the library, books where the author doesn't know I'm reading their work and probably doesn't care. And I find being … Continue reading New Adventures in Blogging

Eight Reasons to Write a Novel

I’ve realized that, just as we can’t judge a book by it’s cover—though we typically do take that greatly into consideration before touching it—we also can’t hold all novels to the same set of standards. What motivates one author to write may mean nothing to someone else, just as there are all kinds of readers … Continue reading Eight Reasons to Write a Novel