Diversity in Fiction

Jamie Lampeyrolerie is having a great series on Diversity in Christian Fiction over on Books and Beverages, and the recent post really sums up some of the thoughts I've struggled with. Her last post featured Amy Green, a fiction publicist from Bethany House, and she dove into the discussion, heart and mind. One of the … Continue reading Diversity in Fiction

The Dangers of Trying Too Hard #amwriting #atozchallenge

  There are moments when all of us have tried too hard, one way or another. We have a particular goal, and we're striving towards it. Despite the fact that our writing isn't flowing naturally, we keep on, fighting the current and our own writing tendencies (and sometimes, our own characters). But whenever this happens, … Continue reading The Dangers of Trying Too Hard #amwriting #atozchallenge

Off to the Races

I recently came across an ad that showed a picture of a young woman, a celebrity, I suppose, though I’d never heard of her, and the caption read that so-and-so was half black. And I wondered, why was this was supposed to be so interesting? If race really doesn’t matter—if skin color is supposed to … Continue reading Off to the Races