Your Novel’s “Big Question”

I think the biggest thing that makes readers keep reading is.... Mystery. No, it doesn't mean you have to write a "who-done-it," but the best novels start out with a "Big Question" that the rest of the novel must answer. Here are a few examples: Pride and Prejudice: Can Elizabeth Bennet and her sisters make "good … Continue reading Your Novel’s “Big Question”

Do Your Characters Worry About Money?

It's a topic that, in real life, we think about more than we'd like to admit: how much we make, how much we can spend, and how we can make more money all has a place in our thoughts. (And if we're being completely honest, we'd have to say that making money from writing is … Continue reading Do Your Characters Worry About Money?

Three Questions to Ask Your Novel

These days, we have to be our own editors if our novels are going to succeed, get an agent, a publisher, or the share of the reading market that we want. And sometimes, our own tendencies as writers can work against us. It’s so easy to get caught up following a few favorite characters around … Continue reading Three Questions to Ask Your Novel