Regarding the #atozchallenge #blogging

This was my first year participating in the A to Z challenge. I didn't write any of my posts ahead of time (as I usually write my posts the day I post.) I find it is generally confusing to me to have written a blog post and not released it to the world, as I … Continue reading Regarding the #atozchallenge #blogging

Keep on: The Art of Not Quitting #atozchallenge, #quotes

As we've discussed throughout this A to Z series, writing is hard work. You can't complete a story of any great length in one burst of creativity...and this can lead to discouragement and disillusionment, as the luster of our imaginative worlds wears off. (At least for us; we've been there so much, written so much, … Continue reading Keep on: The Art of Not Quitting #atozchallenge, #quotes