Why I Can Review a Book I Coached (or Edited)

Every so often, I will review a book I coached or edited (particularly if the author asks it of me). This may sound tremendously biased—who can evaluate a book they were involved with—but hear me out. First, I don't publish my reviews on Amazon. Their policy would see me as biased, to where I would … Continue reading Why I Can Review a Book I Coached (or Edited)

Why Writers Need Critical Readers

All writers need readers--otherwise, there would be no point in getting things published--but writers who strive to write well need more. Just any reader won't do. We need readers who get invested in our characters, who are willing to point out faults, who take the time to notice when we spell things wrong or use … Continue reading Why Writers Need Critical Readers

Blurb Coaching – Cursed Hearts

I've been sharing the blurb coaching series from A Writer's Path Writers Club, and this is the next in the series. To learn more about how your blurb can be coached, click here. Enjoy! Name: Clayton Barnett Genre: Romance-Horror-SciFi Title: Cursed Hearts Original Blurb: Even with San Diego occupied by the Mexican Army, Katarina Sosabowski … Continue reading Blurb Coaching – Cursed Hearts

Blurb Coaching – A Face on Cydonia

I wanted to share another blurb coaching with all of you, done for a Writer's Path Writers Club. Enjoy! Name: Ian Miller Genre: Science Fiction Title: A Face on Cydonia Original Blurb: Schools in the early 22nd century teach that the big corporations provide all necessary services solely for the betterment of society, under the … Continue reading Blurb Coaching – A Face on Cydonia

Update on Book Coaching and Reviews

For those interested, I have a new widget image, and I wanted to share an update regarding free book reviews. I am still accepting books for review; however, due to time constraints, prior commitments, and my paid work, I will have to be very selective as to which books I pick. I'm booked well into … Continue reading Update on Book Coaching and Reviews

Widget Images Are Here!

So I recently had a suggestion that I create image widgets about my book coaching so they can be put in sidebars, so I did. Thanks, Trix!   You're welcome to copy them and post them on your own site, Facebook, etc. Thank you all so much for your interest and support! Copyright 2017 Andrea … Continue reading Widget Images Are Here!