Are You Writing a Not-A-Novel?

On occasion, I run into books that aren't novels. They may be clever, well-written, or even interesting, but they don't fit the category of being "fiction," in the novel sense of the term. So I wanted to discuss three things that make up a Not-a-Novel. The Focus: The whole point in a novel is to … Continue reading Are You Writing a Not-A-Novel?

Do You See Hate in Shades of White?

I never felt  That my life mattered more Or that I was better than you. When I met you, I didn't feel pride or anger, Disdain or contempt. I was mostly...just curious. And I still want to understand How you see the world, What ways we are different And yet the same. But lately, voices … Continue reading Do You See Hate in Shades of White?

Spotlight Saturday #10

I give my end-of-week post to other authors and bloggers whose work is worth noting. There are so many excellent articles out there, so many good poems and stories and artwork that I want to use my online space, once a week, to send all of you to see something you might otherwise miss. To … Continue reading Spotlight Saturday #10

Off to the Races

I recently came across an ad that showed a picture of a young woman, a celebrity, I suppose, though I’d never heard of her, and the caption read that so-and-so was half black. And I wondered, why was this was supposed to be so interesting? If race really doesn’t matter—if skin color is supposed to … Continue reading Off to the Races

All the Words of Profanity

The words are common. Coarse. They’re whatever we want them to be, meaningless modifiers without clarify. They add nothing but shock, something to say when we have nothing else. Are our heads so empty that we cannot find le mot juste anymore? The words are large, swallowing up our sentences and demeaning the hearers. What … Continue reading All the Words of Profanity