Why Writers Need Rest #atozchallenge #amnotwriting

Sometimes, I think our status needs to be #amnotwriting. Because we shouldn't always be writing. Our art can suffer from constant output, and we can forget how real people interact--how they talk, how they think, how they act--if we're only surrounded by their literary counterparts all the time. We can forget what it's like to … Continue reading Why Writers Need Rest #atozchallenge #amnotwriting

Writing Violence: A Confession

As readers, many of us seem appalled when our favorite characters suffer at the hands of their authors; when they get killed off, harmed, or traumatized, we close the book with a frown and think, “Why can’t the authors just leave them alone?” Or, perhaps, we chuck the volume across the room, emotionally, and write … Continue reading Writing Violence: A Confession

Why I Write Fantasy

One of the questions I have recently encountered is why I, as a Christian, write fantasy novels. Though many have accepted fantasy as an acceptable Christian genre due to the works of MacDonald, Tolkein, and Lewis, there are others who still hesitate since it involves creating a world quite different from ours, where “magical” things … Continue reading Why I Write Fantasy