The Courtyard

Out in the stone courtyard Waiting You're right there on the other side Your world beyond you Hidden in sun and shade and the whisper of a thousand plants. What would I find If I were there Closer Accepted Even invited? Have weeds overrun your garden? Or is all beautiful Tranquil As alive as ever? … Continue reading The Courtyard

Why You Should Blog #atozchallenge #amwriting

I'm not going to say that blogging can make you famous, give you a new career, or change your life (though it probably least theoretically?). But, having blogged fairly steadily for the last two years, I know that it can change how you write. Suddenly, you can use the hashtag #amwriting all the time, … Continue reading Why You Should Blog #atozchallenge #amwriting

The Trouble with Writing and the Dangers of Reading

I was recently reading How to Talk about Books You Haven’t Read by Pierre Bayard, and I was struck by some of his observations. He analyzes how reading actually works and whether anyone actually reads anything, since we forget things immediately after reading and read through our own perceptions. He claims that “every writer is … Continue reading The Trouble with Writing and the Dangers of Reading