Archetypes and Variation Fiction

In writing, there is generally a push to be original, as there is with most art. To do something new, exciting, and fresh. To break out of the old molds and create a masterpiece. But I think most of us write a more "collective" version of fiction, where we share a theme, an archetype, a trope, or … Continue reading Archetypes and Variation Fiction

Busy-ness: Demonstrations of Character

Busy-ness is generally considered unimportant when it comes to plotting. We don't usually make space for it, because it isn't central to the plot. Unless we are writing a romance and need a quite moment for the two characters to interact, we try to keep the pace going. Note, I spelt it with a "y" … Continue reading Busy-ness: Demonstrations of Character

Zigzag Narratives #atozchallenge #writing

For the very last post of the A-Z challenge, I wanted to write about narration. As authors, we have a number of options where narration is concerned, but the most common are omniscient narration, where an all-knowing narrator tells the story and can thus include the perspectives and feelings of a number of characters, or … Continue reading Zigzag Narratives #atozchallenge #writing

Xag and Xau: What Matters to Your Characters? #atozchallenge #amwriting

Though toying with writing about "the grand X-it" today, I've decided to forgo puns and word-cheats and use actual X words. XAG and XAU are the financial abbreviations for ounces of silver and gold, and Googling either of them will bring up how much those metals are currently valued on the stock market/gold and silver … Continue reading Xag and Xau: What Matters to Your Characters? #atozchallenge #amwriting

Understanding Your Characters #atozchallenge #amwriting

For pantsters and plotters both, understanding your characters is essential. We need to know who we're writing about to be able to outline an accurate plot or to be able to write the scenes, following our characters lead. But how do we learn about our characters? Outline them. Many authors do this, in the form of … Continue reading Understanding Your Characters #atozchallenge #amwriting

Every Romance is a Love Triangle

I was thinking about the nature of love triangles after penning yesterday's post and I realized that every relationship is a love triangle. You have the guy, the girl...and, if there is no other rival, at very least you have the status quo for conflict, pulling one's heart in the opposite direction. Because that's what … Continue reading Every Romance is a Love Triangle

What Does It Mean to Write about Happiness?

A few weeks ago I came across a review on Goodreads mentioning Laurie Colwin and how, in that reader's opinion, she was one of the few recent authors who wrote about happiness. My curiosity piqued, I ordered one of her novels, Happy All the Time, through my local library, and I let myself entertain modest … Continue reading What Does It Mean to Write about Happiness?

Thoughts on Writing from Pollyanna

The character of Pollyanna is best known for her "glad game" and overwhelming optimism, but she actually tried her hand at being an author in the sequel, Pollyanna Grows Up. I found it refreshing because, for once, a character struggled with the writing process and realized she wasn't a particularly good writer. Unlike Jo March … Continue reading Thoughts on Writing from Pollyanna

The Good Wives Recipe to Marrying Off the Wrong Couples

Good Wives is the sequel to Little Women: Meg, Jo, Beth, & Amy, often published together in the same book. Nowadays, most people don’t realize they are reading two very different books, but there was a year’s gap between the original publication of part one and part two, and it seems the choices Louisa May … Continue reading The Good Wives Recipe to Marrying Off the Wrong Couples

Scribblers, Storytellers, and Authors: Which Are You?

I was recently talking to a friend about writing, and she said she never considered herself a writer because she isn’t interested in the mechanics of writing. She is a voracious reader, though, and she enjoys coming up with stories. This got me thinking about the different kinds of people that are drawn, in one … Continue reading Scribblers, Storytellers, and Authors: Which Are You?