Books: Power on Printed Page…or Electronic Screen

To all those writers who've ever wondered what's the point. Why bother writing? What difference can it possibly make? Sometime about 1878, Oscar Wilde seemed on the verge of joining the Roman Catholic Church. He wavered back and forth on this for a few years until he read a book that changed him, turning him … Continue reading Books: Power on Printed Page…or Electronic Screen

The Great Contradiction

Divinity Steps down, Becoming like us. He assumes a face and a heartbeat, Coming to die.   Humility Submits even to death, Claiming the cup of sin Though no part was His. Gracious compassion Coming to die.   Trinity Divorces for our sakes. The Father turns away As the Son goes hellwards To scour the … Continue reading The Great Contradiction


Replacing calendars and turning pages, We reflect On life, As we are and as we could be. Looking back, Looking forward. We think of all that happened Good Bad And boring. And we hope for a better future. We tell ourselves this year, we’ll change things. This year will make a difference. When the greatest … Continue reading Mirror

Early and Often: Why I Still Vote

Today is Election Day in the United States, and yet today, many people will not vote. They may have been discouraged by the perceived lack of influence behind their vote in the past; like some of the recent voters in Scotland, what they wanted differed from what happened, their voice drowned out in a chorus … Continue reading Early and Often: Why I Still Vote