Busy-ness: Demonstrations of Character

Busy-ness is generally considered unimportant when it comes to plotting. We don't usually make space for it, because it isn't central to the plot. Unless we are writing a romance and need a quite moment for the two characters to interact, we try to keep the pace going. Note, I spelt it with a "y" … Continue reading Busy-ness: Demonstrations of Character


This is in no way a reflection on all of you wonderful people who read this blog, but I've been thinking about blogging and writing, about a silence and responses, and what they mean to the people involved, to poets and writers and bloggers and just general human beings on the other side of our … Continue reading Silence

Selfishness and Fantasy Football

There’s always been some level of selfishness to football fans. My-team-is-better-than-your-team, wanting my team to do so well that yours has no hope of getting in the playoffs, etc., etc. It comes with the territory of any sport, but it seems like it’s worse with Fantasy Football. For those not familiar with the game, Fantasy … Continue reading Selfishness and Fantasy Football