Busy-ness: Demonstrations of Character

Busy-ness is generally considered unimportant when it comes to plotting. We don't usually make space for it, because it isn't central to the plot. Unless we are writing a romance and need a quite moment for the two characters to interact, we try to keep the pace going. Note, I spelt it with a "y" … Continue reading Busy-ness: Demonstrations of Character

Query Letters #atozchallenge #writer

We can't go into "cute dog" mode to get people to like our novel. We can't just cock our head and cast a pleading, expressive glance at the people involved--whether to solicit an agent or a book reviewer. So what do we do? We write query letters...which may be one of the unavoidable, least fun … Continue reading Query Letters #atozchallenge #writer

Networking–Real or Fake? #atozchallenge #networking

  One of the best things about the A to Z blogging challenge is all the networking that takes place--the visiting of other blogs, the comments, the new thoughts being exchanged. In my experience with blogging, there are two kinds of networking: Fake and Real. Superficial or Genuine. Superficial Networking: This is where we stop by … Continue reading Networking–Real or Fake? #atozchallenge #networking

Spotlight Saturday #15: Self-Publishing and Lazy Authors

I give my end-of-week post to other authors and bloggers whose work is worth noting. There are so many excellent articles out there, so many good poems and stories and artwork that I want to use my online space, once a week, to share something you might otherwise miss. To see last week's episode, click … Continue reading Spotlight Saturday #15: Self-Publishing and Lazy Authors

When Life Takes Over Writing

I think every writer has had times (or seasons…hopefully, not years) when the day-to-day business of living overwhelms any schedule, any attempt to find a moment to sit down and write. Despite all the writing advice we hear about making it happen—about getting up early, staying up late, writing in snatches, etc.—there are moments when … Continue reading When Life Takes Over Writing

The Difference between Stories and Novels

Humans are born storytellers. Shortly after learning to string sentences together, we start sharing them: “Mommy, I did this…” or “Daddy, I did that….” We are eager to hear about others experiences, supposedly to learn from them and avoid their mistakes, and we like basking in the glory that our own stories give us (after … Continue reading The Difference between Stories and Novels