Book Review: A Time Unpromised

Title: A Time Unpromised by Natalie Payne Genre: Literary Fiction, Coming-of-Age Book Description from Goodreads: Jac Harvey has always played second fiddle to his older brother Pierre. Growing up Pierre is brilliant and handsome, very much the golden child in their family. Jac, eight years younger, is his polar opposite, shy and antisocial, struggling through school. … Continue reading Book Review: A Time Unpromised

Book Review: The Cult of Unicorns

Title: Penny White and the Cult of Unicorns by Chrys Cymri Genre: Fantasy Book Description from Goodreads: Raven's ears flicked. 'Dragons aren't known for their patience.' 'More is the pity, ' said the unicorn. 'Father Penny and I were about to amicably settle our differences. A dragon invading our home vastly complicates matters.' Five months ago my … Continue reading Book Review: The Cult of Unicorns

Update on Book Reviews

So now that the A-Z challenge is over this year, I'm trying to turn my attention to other concerns. Paramount among these is writing fiction (my works-in-progress never saw me in April) and book reviews. And to all those who have sent in a book review request or are expecting a review, I'm very sorry … Continue reading Update on Book Reviews

Book Review: No Portrait in the Gilded Frame

No Portrait in the Gilded Frame by Tudor Alexander Genre: Literary fiction, Self-discovery Book Description (from Goodreads): An intelligent and captivating story about the emotional journeys we undertake and the corners of the heart we end up calling home, No Portrait in the Gilded Frame takes readers from Romania behind the Iron Curtain to the … Continue reading Book Review: No Portrait in the Gilded Frame

Book Review: The Shorthand Prince

Description from Goodreads: King Sultes Fahrenne finally has a son but the day is a wretched one. His queen will not wake and the child is marked for death. Sultes will find he must choose to stand by his child or satisfy the traditions of his subjects. But is there another way? The description gave … Continue reading Book Review: The Shorthand Prince

Book Review – The Faraway North

The Faraway North translated and introduced by Ian Cumpstey Genre: Norse Myths, Folk Ballads, Classics, Epic Tales Summary from Goodreads: These ballads convey a fantastic vision of the world as it was imagined in medieval Scandinavia, with monsters and magic intermingled with very human concerns of heroism, tragedy, love, and revenge.  The great hero Sigurd is joined … Continue reading Book Review – The Faraway North

Book Review: Mercer Street

Book Description from Goodreads: Weeks after her husband dies in the midst of an affair in 2016, Chicago writer Susan Peterson, 48, seeks solace on a California vacation with her mother Elizabeth and daughter Amanda. The novelist, however, finds more than she bargained for when she meets a professor who possesses the secret of time … Continue reading Book Review: Mercer Street

Book Review: Grand Opening

Description from Goodreads: Set in western Canada during the roaring nineteen eighties, "Grand Opening" is the tragi-comic tale of three men pursuing the dream of owning a restaurant.  Wayne Stevens is a near bankrupt entrepreneur looking for a second chance. Rene Lemieux is a hardened businessman seeking another conquest and more profits. Maurice Deshampes is … Continue reading Book Review: Grand Opening

Book Review: After Avalon

Book Description from Goodreads: King Arthur is dead. Camelot has fallen. Britain drowns in Saxons. These are the stories of what came after.  Merlin’s prophecies begin such, in introduction:  “In the days when Arthur’s dream was dimmed, as grey embers under storm, actors from our reverie still ventured forth. A boy enters decaying Broceliande with the … Continue reading Book Review: After Avalon

Book Review: Clovers

Description per Goodreads: This is a story of Androxen, the sea, a nice bunch of aliens of the Andromeda galaxy, Samira, and some serious citizens of earth. It begins with Androxen of the seas, who can only breed males and so ever on the lookout for siren-mates in a waterful life together. But the old … Continue reading Book Review: Clovers