Does it matter if your novel is “Multicultural”?

I've been writing a bit about race and racism lately, but one thing I haven't mentioned is how this could influence a novel. And, since my blog is primarily about writing, I figured it's something worth discussing. Many people feel that they need a racially diverse cast of characters to reach the modern reading audience. … Continue reading Does it matter if your novel is “Multicultural”?

Affirmative Action and Our Hearts

I realized that I've been looking at racism a lot from an artistic and a personal viewpoint. But this doesn't always cover all there is to be said, so I wanted to look at it more philosophically. In the light of all that is going on in our country, there are many questions we have … Continue reading Affirmative Action and Our Hearts

Black Lives…We Need You

In the aftermath There is silence More tears than words. What can I say? What do I know?   Never should this be Never again Never And yet it repeats Another city Another death. Murder dresses as self-defense And though we mourn And press all the right buttons, Like all the right pages, Do we … Continue reading Black Lives…We Need You

Do You See Hate in Shades of White?

I never feltĀ  That my life mattered more Or that I was better than you. When I met you, I didn't feel pride or anger, Disdain or contempt. I was mostly...just curious. And I still want to understand How you see the world, What ways we are different And yet the same. But lately, voices … Continue reading Do You See Hate in Shades of White?