Book Review: Clovers

Description per Goodreads: This is a story of Androxen, the sea, a nice bunch of aliens of the Andromeda galaxy, Samira, and some serious citizens of earth. It begins with Androxen of the seas, who can only breed males and so ever on the lookout for siren-mates in a waterful life together. But the old … Continue reading Book Review: Clovers

Book Review: The Rules of The Mine

Book Description per Author: The Rules of the Mine, a novel of about 59,000 words, is a story in which a teenage boy named Benjin must learn the true meaning of sacrifice. After losing his parents, being betrayed by his uncle, and locked up in a mine to be forgotten, Benjin must collaborate with the … Continue reading Book Review: The Rules of The Mine

Book Review: What Time Handed Them

Book Description per Back of Book: Earia, queen of the elves, has long fought against an enemy she believed she created: a man, Niren, who she raised as her son, over four hundred years ago and he will see every man, elf, and dwarf killed unless they bend a knee to him. The dragons already … Continue reading Book Review: What Time Handed Them

Ten Reasons Why Writers Make Good Neighbors

This morning, I was awoken to the sounds of saws and dump trucks  as road construction continued just outside. And it got me thinking: if you could pick your neighbor, you should always go with a writer. Writers are quiet. When we're building something, all you're hear is a clatter (along with a few incoherent grumbles … Continue reading Ten Reasons Why Writers Make Good Neighbors

Why You Should Blog #atozchallenge #amwriting

I'm not going to say that blogging can make you famous, give you a new career, or change your life (though it probably least theoretically?). But, having blogged fairly steadily for the last two years, I know that it can change how you write. Suddenly, you can use the hashtag #amwriting all the time, … Continue reading Why You Should Blog #atozchallenge #amwriting

Do you have what it takes to be an Author? #atozchallenge

For the very first post of my very first A to Z Blogging Challenge, I wanted to start with discussing what it takes to be an author. I've touched on this before (because my blog is all about writing), but I feel it's an important topic. Because every writer is not an author. And this … Continue reading Do you have what it takes to be an Author? #atozchallenge

Every Romance is a Love Triangle

I was thinking about the nature of love triangles after penning yesterday's post and I realized that every relationship is a love triangle. You have the guy, the girl...and, if there is no other rival, at very least you have the status quo for conflict, pulling one's heart in the opposite direction. Because that's what … Continue reading Every Romance is a Love Triangle

Balancing Tasks: Writing vs. Blogging

There is only so much time in a day, and frequently, it comes down to this question: Do I write or blog? And it isn't so simple a question. On the one hand, should I further my craft and my novel by devoting what free time I have to its success, or should I spend … Continue reading Balancing Tasks: Writing vs. Blogging

Book Review: Ancient Voices

Book Description per Goodreads: The Kinship rides victorious into the small village of Minhaven, just in time to celebrate the Winter Festival. Their leader, Glak, brings with him both hope and spoils from battle, but also some distressing news. Though Minhaven's greatest threat has finally been defeated, a new one is emerging to take its … Continue reading Book Review: Ancient Voices

Your Novel’s “Big Question”

I think the biggest thing that makes readers keep reading is.... Mystery. No, it doesn't mean you have to write a "who-done-it," but the best novels start out with a "Big Question" that the rest of the novel must answer. Here are a few examples: Pride and Prejudice: Can Elizabeth Bennet and her sisters make "good … Continue reading Your Novel’s “Big Question”