What All Writers Should Read #atozchallenge #amreading

I want to talk about "Education" today for the "E" of the A to Z challenge. Personally, while I learned a lot about writing from studying it academically, I've learned even more from reading. And we hear that writers need to read over and over again. If you want to write fiction, you need to … Continue reading What All Writers Should Read #atozchallenge #amreading

#Drama: Make It, Don’t Fake It #atozchallenge

As we discussed yesterday, your climax (and your novel in general) needs conflict of some kind to make the story go. But how do you go about creating this conflict, or drama? There are two kinds of drama in a story. The primary drama, which consists of the main character fighting whatever the antagonist is: … Continue reading #Drama: Make It, Don’t Fake It #atozchallenge