A to Z 2017: Structure and Swashbuckling

My A-Z Blogging theme is to cover 26 touch-me-not categories of fiction writing. These are frequently the trouble spots which can be useful components of the story if handled properly, but when rushed through, can cause all kinds of trouble. While the genre is fantasy, the tips can apply to anything, from romance to literary … Continue reading A to Z 2017: Structure and Swashbuckling

Book Review: Turquoiseblood

  Description from Author: When the dangerous rogue dragon Anya crash lands in an isolated mountain village during a snowstorm, Kiri saves her life. Anya awakens seemingly cured of her madness and in thanks offers to show Kiri the country outside her village. Kiri seizes the opportunity.  At the royal court, Kiri learns that the … Continue reading Book Review: Turquoiseblood

Book Review: Empire’s Daughter

Description from the Author: “But the world changes. In all the women’s villages of the Empire, this week or next, a soldier like myself will arrive to ask to live in the village, to take up a trade.” Casyn paused, for a breath, a heartbeat. “And to teach you and your daughters to fight.” With … Continue reading Book Review: Empire’s Daughter

Writing That Scene: Scaramouche

In the format of a non-traditional critique, Writing That Scene examines the fundamentals of what it takes to make a scene powerful and memorable for readers. The opinion expressed is my own, and other readers’ opinions may differ. The goal is to provide a free opportunity for authors to learn from each other and to … Continue reading Writing That Scene: Scaramouche

Artistic Apprehension

It seeps into the room the moment you are faced with major rewriting. Some part of your story is off, and you may have some idea how to fix it, but the size of the problem—like needing a new protagonist, a completely different setting, or a new plot—is so daunting that you don’t want to … Continue reading Artistic Apprehension

Revision: A Miserable Experience or A Grand Adventure?

I haven’t always been fond of rewriting. I used to approach it as the last thing to do, a quick proofread to catch errors and inconsistencies and then be done with things. What I enjoyed most was the new stories, thinking of scenarios and exploring new adventures with my characters, not going back over the … Continue reading Revision: A Miserable Experience or A Grand Adventure?