Rereading Service

Once a project has received Book Coaching or an Coaching-and-Copyediting Package, you can send the same project back for further feedback at a discount once your revisions and modifications are completed. That way, you can know how effective your new content is and publish the finished product with confidence.

  • Rate of $0.003 per word (or $3 per 1,000 word). Because the project has already been read and initial feedback delivered, the focus is on what has changed. While I still may need to read through the entire work to catch all the modifications, I’m already familiar with the story, and there will be some things that no longer need feedback.
  • Customized feedback. If you have particular concerns as a result of the initial coaching report, you can note that when you submit your project for rereading, and I’ll be sure to include it in the Rereading Report (for example, if you want to make sure your main character is more relatable, the opposition more believable, or the story’s opening a little faster-paced, I’ll spend extra time analyzing and commenting on that).

To qualify for rereading service, you must have your project first submitted for Book Coaching or Coaching-and-Copyediting.