For A Writer’s Path Writing Club Members

My friend and fellow blogger, Ryan Lanz, has a fantastic writing club over on his Patreon page that features discounts, special offers, contests, and writing advice articles.

One of the membership benefits is enjoying free blurb coaching. Members can send their blurbs into me and be added to the free blurb coaching queue, where their book descriptions will be reviewed and critiqued in a post that showcases their blurb’s strengths and weaknesses. These posts will be publicly featured on both my blog and on The Writer’s Path Writers Club website.

Please note that there can be a delay in processing these, as they’re done on a first-come, first-served basis. Members may submit as many blurbs as they wish, but preference will be given to new members rather than those who have already received a free blurb post for one of their works.

If you’d rather not wait or would prefer private blurb coaching, click here.

Further coaching options beyond those for a blurb or book’s description are available¬†here.