“Andrea Lundgren provides excellent value to professional writers with the newly launched Book Coaching service. Tailored to support the earliest draft with professional feedback, the new offering fills a void in the independent publishing and editing space. Economical and equally effective as either closed feedback loop or open discussion model, Book Coaching delivers an editorial review designed to enhance both revision and editing…I was both confirmed in the direction of the manuscript submitted and greatly encouraged by the detailed feedback provided.”

T. F. Pruden, author of A Dog and His Boy, March 12, 2016

“I cannot say enough positive things about Andrea’s book coaching service! Her comments are always insightful, and she has a real gift for bringing out the best in me as a writer. The dialogues we have throughout the process push me to dig deeper, so that the fullness of my inner vision makes it out onto the written page.”

Allison D. Reid, Christian Fantasy Author and Editor Journey to Aviad  |  Ancient Voices: Into the Depths

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