Here’s what past clients have said about Book Coaching and Blurb Coaching:

“You may be asking what a book coach does. I did, and decided to give it a go, after all, it was such an economical service that would surely improve my recently developed writing skills.

The thing is, two books along and I think how wrong I was. I could never have imagined what a learning curve Andrea’s book coaching would be. Economical? I would pay so much more for Andrea’s services because how much does it cost to become a better writer? I think it’s priceless.

Affordable and enjoyable, Andrea’s Book Coaching has become an integral part of my writing ritual, and I hope her name never ceases to appear in the acknowledgements of all my future books.”

R. K. Lander, author of Path of a Novice

“As a first time author, I had no idea what to expect from working with Andrea.  I was nervous to hand over my baby.  In the end, the experience was amazing.  I started with a coaching summary.  Andrea’s insightful, honest, and constructive feedback helped me make my characters more consistent, smooth out my plot, and make the whole thing more believable.
And on top of all the great input and coaching, Andrea is professional and timely.  I really appreciate that.”
Margaret Edwartowski

“Like many, I also hadn’t had a clear idea about what Andrea’s Book Coaching meant. So, when I finished the first draft of my second novel, I wanted to try it. And I’m glad I did. Now, when I look at the present, finished version, I can see the difference her guidance has made. What I liked most about Andrea’s book coaching is her ability to see any sequence from many perspectives. She raises questions from different angles that our diverse readers might ask. In short, she helped me write a better book.

Andrea is thorough and meticulous. Her delivery schedule is impeccable, and the service she provides is value for money. Her insights can help writers achieve their literary excellence.”

Uday Mukerji, author of Love, Life, and Logic

“As authors we get really excited when we finish our manuscripts. However, this is where the hard work truly begins and this is where a book coach like Andrea comes in to help us tighten our plotlines, make our characters believable, etc.  Andrea’s insights, comments and recommendations were very thorough. She pushed me to dig deeper to bring to life the best novel I could write.
Her skills in making my novel and my blurb shine were fantastic. Her services are very reasonable and oh so worth it! I enjoyed working with her and look forward to our next creative collaboration.”
Deliah Lawrence, author Gotta Let It Go and Gotta Get It Back

“I cannot say enough positive things about Andrea’s book coaching service! Her comments are always insightful, and she has a real gift for bringing out the best in me as a writer. The dialogues we have throughout the process push me to dig deeper, so that the fullness of my inner vision makes it out onto the written page.”

Allison D. Reid, Christian Fantasy author and editor of Journey to Aviad , and  Ancient Voices: Into the Depths

“Andrea Lundgren provides excellent value to professional writers with the Book Coaching service. Tailored to support the earliest draft with professional feedback, the new offering fills a void in the independent publishing and editing space. Economical and equally effective as either closed feedback loop or open discussion model, Book Coaching delivers an editorial review designed to enhance both revision and editing…I was both confirmed in the direction of the manuscript submitted and greatly encouraged by the detailed feedback provided.”

T. F. Pruden, author of A Dog and His Boy

“This is a very first time where I used someone like Andrea to help me with the blurb and summary. I didn’t even know that there are book coaches! I emailed her on a whim and it paid off. She’s totally your moneys worth.

She asked me for important points in my novella and the blurb. Well, my blurb wasn’t really a blurb, but she turned it into a very good one. I mean, it made me want to read my book. Also, her feedback on my summary was amazing! She asked all the right questions and created really cool sentences for me to use. Thanks to her questions, I was able to fix a lot of holes that I didn’t know that needed fixing! And that’s huge for an author…knowing what’s missing. Anyway, I highly recommend Andrea.”

Angelina Kerner, author of Deity’s Soulmate, Seven Hours: Challenge Accepted and Follow the Snowflakes