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Over the years, I’ve noticed that authors often need help in two areas: knowing how something strikes a reader and knowing how to get their vision onto paper in a real, relatable way, where the story, characters, and fictional world “make sense.” And that’s where Book Coaching comes in.

Like my reviews, Book Coaching analyzes a story’s strengths and weaknesses. Book Coaching is designed to improve a short story, novella, or novel, increasing its marketability through discussions about the books’ goals, focus, characterization, description, world-building, and plot. There are a variety of Coaching Packages, from a summarized report to a detailed, line-by-line response on plotting, characterization, and grammar, so no matter your budget, you can afford to discover your project’s potential.

If you’re looking for coaching for a book’s blurb or synopsis, click here.

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Book Coaching is available in three separate tiers. All Book Coaching packages offer free samples, so you can see what the service can do for you before you pay anything, and all of them examine the following, in varying degrees of feedback:

  • Character Development
  • Plot/Story Arc
  • Efficacy of Narration
  • Clarity of Descriptions
  • Tone and Style of Writing
  • Genre-Specific Reader Expectations
  • Redundant, Contrived, or Awkward Passages
  • Writing Strengths and “Challenge Areas”

Rate per Word

Cost for 60,000 word novel (standard size)

Cost for 80,000 word

Coaching Summary




Big Picture Book Coaching

$0.002 per word



Line-by-Line Book Coaching (Big Picture and Close Reading)

$0.004 per word



Coaching-and Copyediting Package

$0.005 per word



Rereading Service (for either Line-by-Line Coaching or Coaching-and-Copyediting)

$0.003 per word



Note that actual costs will vary depending on the exact word count per project. Only the Coaching Summary has specific tiers; the other categories are calculated on an exact “by word” basis.

The Coaching Summary

A Coaching Summary gives you a 2-5 page summarized critique of your novel, noting the overall strengths and weaknesses and giving you all the benefits of coaching on a budget. For more details, click here.

Big Picture Book Coaching

This tier gives you the same kind of look at the overall strengths and weaknesses as the Coaching Summary, but it provides you with more responses in a line-by-line fashion, so you know exactly where it seems like the manuscript needs help and where it’s solid. For more details, click here.

Line-by-Line Book Coaching

This is the tier I most recommend. It gives you the big picture response and the close editing, to where each line and paragraph is examined in detail. This level of coaching is what most would consider “full developmental editing” and complements working with another proofreader or editor for the “grammar stuff.” For more details and to see a sample, click here.

Rereading Service

Once a project has received Book Coaching or an Editing-and-Coaching Package, you can send the same project back for further feedback at a discount once your revisions and modifications are completed. That way, you can know how effective your new content is and publish the finished product with confidence. For more details, click here.

Coaching-and-Copyediting Package

This tier is for those who want all the coaching comments plus those pertaining to spelling, grammar, clarity, and continuity. It works best for authors whose works will not be touched by further line editors, copyeditors, or proofreaders. For more details, and to see a sample, click here.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Book Coaching?

Book Coaching is a form of developmental editing or literary engineering where we discuss the unique challenges inherent in your story and examine various options so you can find your answer–not a manufactured “right-way,” but the clarity and polish necessary to transform your work into the best it can be.

Will your writing blog posts “borrow” book coaching material?  

No. All Book Coaching transactions are considered confidential and will not be shared with anyone, online or otherwise, though I may list the projects I have worked as part of my resume.

However, a coaching experience can inspire a certain line of thinking that eventually ends up in a writing post on my blog, but your work, your name, and all the “real life” specifics will never be referenced in such a scenario.  What happens during coaching stays in coaching. 🙂

How do you handle payment?

Payments are primarily made in U.S. Dollars via Paypal. Payment can be made via United States Postal Service  and a personal check or money order, but the coaching process will be delayed until the funds have cleared the bank.

Does my manuscript have to be finished in order to start the coaching process?

In fact, some authors prefer to let me look at the first few chapters, an early draft, or even an outline so they can get feedback sooner rather than later, helping them avoid extra rewrites.

What genres do you coach?

I primarily coach in the Romance, Science fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, New Adult, Middle School, Christian and Literary fiction genres but I welcome hybrids and works that fall outside these categories, too. Book Coaching is only available for works that meet the PG-13 criteria (for language, violence, and sexual content; if your story has a sex scene, on page, that portion might not be coached “up to industry standards,” as that lies outside my expertise).

If you are unsure of your book’s qualifications, feel free to contact me to confirm if your book would fall outside my scope or not (I promise, I won’t be shocked or think less of you if it exceeds my personal tastes and professional expertise).

Do you offer copyediting?

Yes, but only as part of the Coaching-and-Copyediting Package, as I’m primarily a developmental editor. It would be very hard to just correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and awkward sentences without also commenting on the larger picture (character arcs, plot development, world-building, etc.).

What are your Coaching credentials?

Over the past ten years, I’ve read, reviewed, and researched books as an academic and professional reader. I’ve helped authors of romance, science fiction, fantasy, literary, and historical fiction of all sizes and lengths, and a you can find testimonials from my Book Coaching here.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Writing and a Bachelor of Science in Drama, Television, and Film, and I’ve been trained to develop depth in stories, looking at how the written word informs and creates believable, understandable characters, plots, and fictional worlds.



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