Coaching Services

There are two main coaching services currently offered.

These can be combined, and obviously, I’ll be able to offer more insight and accuracy in critiquing a blurb or summary of a book I’ve read than one I’ve just been told about, as I’ll know first-hand what the major events were and what sort of story is “inside” the back cover.

So what is Book Coaching?

Like my book reviews, Book Coaching analyzes a story’s strengths and weaknesses, but rather than summarizing these into a succinct review, a Coaching Report provides detailed, chapter-by-chapter and even line-by-line responses so authors can gain insight on potential problem areas before a book is published. Book Coaching is designed to improve a short story, novella, or novel, increasing its marketability through discussions about the books’ goals, focus, characterization, description, world-building, and plot.

What is Blurb or Synopsis Coaching?

This takes the same critical look as the coaching process but applies it to the blurb (the description used on the back of the book and for online retailers) or the synopsis (usually used for securing an agent or publisher). For a flat fee, it takes what you tell me about your project and finds a way to hone that description until it easily and accurately reflects the story you’ve already written and are looking to share with the world.

What Coaching Feedback Includes

  • Examination of plot, looking for inconsistencies, holes, and awkward transitions.
  • Character analysis, gauging the actions, thoughts, and narrative choices based on the people who live in your story.
  • Consideration of word choice, looking for ways to make things clearer, more succinct, and better, overall.
  • Concise suggestions on what could be changed. Rather than just saying “this seemed off,” I’ll explain where the difficulty occurred and how you might go about fixing it.
  • Case-by-case examples of what works. Whenever I encounter a phrase, wording, paragraph, or passage I liked, you’ll not only be informed, but I’ll include an explanation of why I found it effective so you know what works and why (so as to duplicate the success again as part of your writing methods).

For more specifics on fees, rates, and how you can start the coaching processes, click the links above. Thanks!

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