This tier is for those who want all the coaching comments plus those pertaining to spelling, grammar, clarity, and continuity. It works best for authors whose works will not be touched by further line editors, copyeditors, or proofreaders. You can see a sample of what copyediting addresses here (with the coaching comments left out for readability’s sake): Copyediting Sample

  • The first chapter is free (up to 2,000 words) for first-time clients, so you can get a feel for what the Editing-and-Coaching Package provides.
  • Rate of $0.005 per word (or $5 per 1,000 word). Every word will be carefully analyzed, and while some spelling or grammar errors may slip past due to the human component, there will never be notes I don’t write or things I don’t mention in the Editing-and-Coaching Package. (Note: If a particular project requires extra copyediting attention, the rate will have to be adjusted to cover the extra work, but this will be discussed with the author on an individual basis if such becomes the case before the rate adjustment is made.)
  • More than just “spellcheck.” How an author words things can affect our understanding of a character or a story. Nonstandard English suggests that a character might be from a different culture or have a different primary language. Shorter sentences suggests a directness of manner and perhaps a forcefulness of personality. And where you place paragraph breaks can make the difference between jarring the reader and keeping them in suspense. All these sorts of facets are taken into consideration in a Editing-and-Coaching Package.
  • Editing is done to the Chicago Manual of Style, save for where spelling and punctuation is in the British manner, at which point the author can choose to keep the spelling and punctuation standards of their choice. Either way, the finished product will be consistent to your preference.
  • Continuity feedback. This tier also allows me to do fact-checking on your project, confirming the color of a character’s hair, what they were wearing, and how their name was spelled, among other details. If something seems off, I can track it down and confirm it against the rest, ensuring continuity and consistency.


The Coaching-and-Copyediting Package qualifies your project for the Rereading Service, without changing the rate or lowering the level of feedback you receive on the new material. If grammar or continuity comments are needed on a reread, you will get it by virtue of being a Coaching-and-Copyediting Client.

Below is an example of Coaching-and-Copyediting, with each type of comment separated for clarity of reading. In a project, both comments would appear side-by-side.

For more information about Coaching-and-Copyediting, fill out the following form or email me at writerlea@ gmail . com