Regarding the #atozchallenge #blogging

This was my first year participating in the A to Z challenge. I didn't write any of my posts ahead of time (as I usually write my posts the day I post.) I find it is generally confusing to me to have written a blog post and not released it to the world, as I … Continue reading Regarding the #atozchallenge #blogging

Forgotten Truths about Corsets

Recently, I took the plunge and bought a corset: a real, spiral steel boned corset, just like the Victorians wore, having been inspired by the fascinating journey in corsetry by Sarah Chrisman of This Victorian Life. And, for those who are curious, I was not raised in a conservative culture where skirts and dresses were … Continue reading Forgotten Truths about Corsets

Why Writers Need Rest #atozchallenge #amnotwriting

Sometimes, I think our status needs to be #amnotwriting. Because we shouldn't always be writing. Our art can suffer from constant output, and we can forget how real people interact--how they talk, how they think, how they act--if we're only surrounded by their literary counterparts all the time. We can forget what it's like to … Continue reading Why Writers Need Rest #atozchallenge #amnotwriting

A Pantster or a Plotter: How Do You Write? #amwriting #atozchallenge

I've been looking forward to writing this for some time. And now that we're at "P" goes! Early on, I'd never heard of the difference between pantsters and plotters. I just wrote. But then, as I interacted with other authors, I came to realize that everyone doesn't write a story in the same way. Some … Continue reading A Pantster or a Plotter: How Do You Write? #amwriting #atozchallenge

Why a Writer Needs Observation #amwriting #atozchallenge

Description is one of my least favorite things to write--it feels like such a catalog of objects, colors, and sensations--but it's a necessary evil. Action can't happen in a vacuum; readers need some sense of where a character is, even if its only very general. Some authors have gotten away with very little description. Jane … Continue reading Why a Writer Needs Observation #amwriting #atozchallenge

Do You Like Happy Endings? #atozchallenge #amwriting

Every story has to have its ending, and there have been times in history when a particular ending was preferred. King Lear was even altered to give it a happy ending (which I felt defeated the artistic work of Shakespeare). Some people can't wait for the end, wading through drama and angst solely to get to the … Continue reading Do You Like Happy Endings? #atozchallenge #amwriting

Why Writers Should be Supremely Grateful #atozchallenge #writer

Recently, an article by Katherine Bolger Hyde got me thinking: Writers should be the most grateful people in the world. Not necessarily the happiest (we're too sensitive for that). And not the richest (though it would be nice to be that, too) But we should definitely be the most grateful. Because we get to hang out … Continue reading Why Writers Should be Supremely Grateful #atozchallenge #writer

Why You Should Blog #atozchallenge #amwriting

I'm not going to say that blogging can make you famous, give you a new career, or change your life (though it probably least theoretically?). But, having blogged fairly steadily for the last two years, I know that it can change how you write. Suddenly, you can use the hashtag #amwriting all the time, … Continue reading Why You Should Blog #atozchallenge #amwriting

Every Romance is a Love Triangle

I was thinking about the nature of love triangles after penning yesterday's post and I realized that every relationship is a love triangle. You have the guy, the girl...and, if there is no other rival, at very least you have the status quo for conflict, pulling one's heart in the opposite direction. Because that's what … Continue reading Every Romance is a Love Triangle

Announcing Book Coaching!

As a book reviewer, I regularly discuss a novel's strengths and weaknesses in a summarized way for the sake of potential readers, but I feel like, if I was an author getting a review, it'd feel like too little, too late. There I'd be, with a published book and a whole bunch of feedback about … Continue reading Announcing Book Coaching!