Flashback Friday – What Makes an Original Work “Yours”?

For the first of my Flashback Friday series, I wanted to reprint a post from May 2014 on copyright and artists' compensation. In our world, we are bombarded with copyright notices, whether through the unavoidable segment of DVDs where we are told that piracy is not a victimless crime, in familiar, tiny images like ©, … Continue reading Flashback Friday – What Makes an Original Work “Yours”?

To all my readers…

Most of the year, I'm so busy writing about the mechanics of writing, reading, and publishing that I don't always take enough time to appreciate you, my readers. So this November, in the month of thanks, I want to begin by saying how much I appreciate every view, every visit, and every comment. Knowing I'm … Continue reading To all my readers…

Why Do You Write?

I've been doing a lot of writing lately (thus my absence from the blogosphere) and it got me thinking about why we do this creative thing called "writing." What draws us back to our computer, our paper, our story? It can't be the pay-- most of my novels aren't published yet and thus haven't earned … Continue reading Why Do You Write?

Ten Reasons Why Writers Make Good Neighbors

This morning, I was awoken to the sounds of saws and dump trucks  as road construction continued just outside. And it got me thinking: if you could pick your neighbor, you should always go with a writer. Writers are quiet. When we're building something, all you're hear is a clatter (along with a few incoherent grumbles … Continue reading Ten Reasons Why Writers Make Good Neighbors

Affirmative Action and Our Hearts

I realized that I've been looking at racism a lot from an artistic and a personal viewpoint. But this doesn't always cover all there is to be said, so I wanted to look at it more philosophically. In the light of all that is going on in our country, there are many questions we have … Continue reading Affirmative Action and Our Hearts

The Year I Learned What Hate Was

I grew up watching LeVar Burton in "Reading Rainbow" and later, in "Star Trek" alongside Whoopi Goldberg and Michael Dorn. Skin color was about "significant" as pointed ears or angled eyebrows; it might set you apart and make you more interesting than the rest of the population, but nothing more. And I thought racism was dead. … Continue reading The Year I Learned What Hate Was

Black Lives…We Need You

In the aftermath There is silence More tears than words. What can I say? What do I know?   Never should this be Never again Never And yet it repeats Another city Another death. Murder dresses as self-defense And though we mourn And press all the right buttons, Like all the right pages, Do we … Continue reading Black Lives…We Need You

The “Pretty Things” of Life

I wanted to share one of my favorite posts about Christianity. So often, Christians seem to be either trying to keep people from having anything nice, or they're greedy, trying to get as much as they can from everyone around them. This post talks about balancing your focus and how, scripturally, God never intended us … Continue reading The “Pretty Things” of Life

Dealing with Other People’s Creativity #amwriting

One of my friends has been trying to explain the ways, methods, and attraction of Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop role playing games (RPGs). We've discussed how the game master gets to control certain aspects of the story, and yet the actual plot is left to chance (the dice) and the input and decisions … Continue reading Dealing with Other People’s Creativity #amwriting