C. S. Lewis’ Philosophy of Writing

Earlier this week, we looked at C. S. Lewis' thoughts on Christianity and Culture, which discusses his philosophy of writing--why he wrote what he wrote. He felt that "The abuse of culture is already there, and will continue whether Christians cease to be cultured or not. It is therefore probably better that the ranks of the ‘culture-sellers’ should include … Continue reading C. S. Lewis’ Philosophy of Writing

C. S. Lewis in Defense of Culture and His Vocation

I wanted to spend some time looking at Christian engagement in culture and the arts, and naturally, I turned to C. S. Lewis to see what he might have to say on the matter. In his article, "Christianity and Culture," he explores whether Christians ought to be involved in producing culture in the first place. In response … Continue reading C. S. Lewis in Defense of Culture and His Vocation

When the World Says “Move”, Part 3 — The Scholarly Scribe

Just wanted to share this thoughtful post on the difference between loving, judging, and condemning:   Welcome back for the third and final part of this weekly series. In Part 1 I took a look at a quote from Marvel’s Civil War series and how certain aspects of it can be interpreted as relevant to … Continue reading When the World Says “Move”, Part 3 — The Scholarly Scribe


There is Light And there is Darkness And we are glass.   Purified So Day can shine through us Illuminating hearts, Changing lives.   Or clouded So only Night can glare Shriveling flowers, Darkening worlds.   We may be warped by our choices Whether Light Whether Darkness Until we can no longer change sides. Set … Continue reading Glass

Our Sorrow

Death strikes On butterfly wings. A brush so quick That it's hard to tell it happened, Leaving us to hope for recovery.   Death waits In shadowy silence Stretching minutes into ages Until any resolution becomes welcome And fear is lost in agony.   Death lingers In forsaken ground Written in the rocks. And we … Continue reading Our Sorrow

Spotlight Saturday #5

I give my end-of-week post to other authors and bloggers whose work is worth noting. There are so many excellent articles out there, so many good poems and stories that I want to use my online space, once a week, to send all of you to read something you might otherwise miss. To see last … Continue reading Spotlight Saturday #5

The Great Contradiction

Divinity Steps down, Becoming like us. He assumes a face and a heartbeat, Coming to die.   Humility Submits even to death, Claiming the cup of sin Though no part was His. Gracious compassion Coming to die.   Trinity Divorces for our sakes. The Father turns away As the Son goes hellwards To scour the … Continue reading The Great Contradiction

Broken Promises and Dancing Down the Aisle

I’ve been doing a lot of research on weddings lately (since my current novel has one in it), and I encountered a most interesting phenomenon: dancing down the aisle. When I first heard it I thought, a dance for a recessional? Sounds like fun! The wedding is over, the celebration begins, and what better way … Continue reading Broken Promises and Dancing Down the Aisle


He places the solitary In families. But what if the solitary refuse? Children born into danger In lands where tyranny and death Reign. And we ask why this happens When God knows Trouble will come? When hurt, and harm, and death Are the only legacy their homes can give them.   What if it was … Continue reading Why