Big Picture Book Coaching

This tier gives you the same kind of look at the overall strengths and weaknesses as the Coaching Summary, but it provides you with more responses in a line-by-line fashion, so you know exactly where it seems like the manuscript needs help and where it’s solid.

  • The first chapter is free for first-time clients, so you can “test drive” to see if the big picture book coaching is a good fit for you or not.
  • Rate of $0.002 per word (or $2 per every 1,000 word) with the word count rounded down to the nearest hundred-word increment to offset any word counting software errors. Novels around 100,000 words (a bit longer than The Hobbit but shorter than Pride and Prejudice) would cost around $200, while shorter works like A Christmas Carol or The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe would be around $60 (30,000 words) or $40 (80,000 words), respectively.
  • More specific feedback. Rather than a single summary at the end of the story, you’ll get line-by-line responses, with the comments are embedded in the text at the very moment of reaction. This empowers you, as an author, to know just what parts of the story to focus on and where the changes will make the most impact. This tier will only look at the big picture, though, so you won’t necessarily get to hear how a specific paragraph sounds or whether some dialogue comes across as a bit wordy. (That kind of feedback is given, along with the big picture information of this tier, in Line-by-Line Book Coaching.)
  • A dialogue rather than a “one-and-done” deal. If you have any questions about your Coaching Report, you’re free to ask me for clarification, suggestions, or elaboration on my comments. I’ll even read and respond to broad outlines of the changes you’re planning and give you feedback regarding those, and as a Book Coaching Client, you also gain access to my Rereading Service, which lets you return the same manuscript for further comments once you’ve made modifications and revisions.
  • You pay as you go. Payment is split up in increments (either into two or three equal-sized chunks, though custom arrangements are available). The final payment is due after the Coaching Report is completed, so you can get coaching-as-you-write rather than waiting for the finished product.

To learn more about coaching, fill out the following form or email me at writerlea@gmail . com.