Physical Objects in Your Writing Space: Help or Hindrance?

This is part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group blog-hop, designed to help encourage authors and foster discussions about writing topics across the internet and the world. This month’s question is about what physical objects one would find in your writing space.


Right now, my writing space is the kitchen table, so who knows what you’ll find there on a given day—toys, Pyrex dishes, mail I haven’t sorted through—so instead, I wanted to talk about having physical objects in your writing space. Is it a good thing or a distraction?

Here are some reasons why it can be a good thing:

  • Encouragement. Objects, especially sentimental ones, can remind you of why you write, giving you encouragement that you can do this and that your writing is worth doing.
  • Comfort. Having objects around that give comfort, like a bottle of lotion for your hands or a cup of tea or coffee or water to drink can make the writing experience more enjoyable.
  • Utility. Keeping the things you need nearby can help make writing more productive, as you don’t have to go hunting for that map of your world, that list of character preferences, or the pen and paper to jot down a quick thought.

And here are some things to consider as to why you might want to rethink the things around your writing space:

  • Distraction. Objects can be a source of inspiration, but if they pull you away from writing, they might be better off at a different spot…so it might not be best to bring your phone into your writing space if you’re trying to get a lot done.
  • Discouragement. If the first thing you encounter when you sit down is a pile of bills or to-do lists you haven’t finished, you might start your writing session feeling less-than-inspired.
  • Disorder. If you can’t find your keyboard because of the clutter in your way, you might need to rethink your work space and find ways to make a more appealing and pleasant place to work.
  • Discomfort. One physical object you might not have considered is the furniture in your writing space, but having the right amount of light, the right chair, and a table or desk where writing is comfortable and comes naturally came make a big difference.

Happy writing!

Copyright 2018 Andrea Lundgren

2 thoughts on “Physical Objects in Your Writing Space: Help or Hindrance?

  1. Your post offers a lot of food for thought. I’ve never had a dedicated writing space, although I do have a dedicated art space–even though it’s just a drafting table. But I do like to have enough room to breathe. And the light is important, too. I try to remember to turn off my phone before I begin, although I often get an irresistible urge to make a phone call before I settle in.

    I enjoyed reading your post today. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  2. Interesting! I definitely agree with not having the phone nearby. Before I upgraded to a smart phone, I just tossed it somewhere when I got home from work and sought it out if needed. Now it hardly ever leaves my side. I should probably work on that.


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