Introducing New Book Coaching Options


Getting published can feel like taking a gamble and rolling dice. Sometimes, your number comes up; sometimes it doesn’t.

But there are ways to increase your chances. You can rework your story so it makes more sense, so the characters are more relatable, the plot more believable. You can get a better cover design or get rid of grammar and spelling errors.

Or you can get professional feedback on how your story reads, in a general critique or in a line-by-line coaching report.

After years of being a book coach, I’m happy to announce that my coaching tiers have expanded to include options that start at just $25, so no matter what your budget or project constraints, you can get personal, professional feedback on your short story, novella, or full-length novel. (You can also get help with your blurb or synopsis here. )

I’ve also added a Grammar-and-Content Coaching tier for those who want feedback on everything–formatting, spelling, grammar, word choice, continutity, characterization, plot, dialogue, and world building–so whether you just want a 5-10 page summarized report or a detailed line-by-line response, you can pick the kind of coaching your project needs.

Overall, my goal is to make sure coaching is affordable, because I’ve seen how much a difference it can make to authors’ projects, how it can transform not only the work but the authors’ attitude towards what they’re publishing from uncertainty to confidence and excitement, and I don’t want the cost to drive anyone away.

So if you’re interesting in what book coaching can do, check out the updated Book Coaching link here.

All the best,

Andrea Lundgren

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