A to Z Challenge 2017: Theme Reveal

So today is the day the A to Z Challenge bloggers are doing their official theme reveal, and here’s mine:

I’m going to have 26 installments of a fantasy story aimed to demonstrate what a writer shouldn’t do…though we’ll see exactly how successful I’ll be. I’m getting rather attached to the characters, so they may come out better than expected. 🙂

The episodes will be covering things like killing off characters, quests, romance, time travel, and deus ex machina endings, and hopefully, by the end, we’ll all be better writers (and have enjoyed ourselves immensely in the process).

I’m also planning a special guest appearance of Hawk MacHardcastle and Dropsy Velvet from Megan Morgan’s A to Z theme from last year, so stay tuned!

Copyright 2017 Andrea Lundgren

14 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge 2017: Theme Reveal

  1. You’re braver than I am. When I tried something like this, I was so neurotic about editing that I only managed to get one or two installments in per month. I wound up stopping, but I’m still incredibly glad I did it. Good luck!


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